I had a very painful foot which had been diagnosed as Moreton’s neuroma, I became more and more inactive. My foot would erupt in an excruciating nerve pain whenever I put my foot to the ground and in the evening, it would feel very sore. The NHS could only offer a 50% success surgery option – I felt desperate.

From the very first treatment with Catriona the pain went and I became more confident to start going for walks again. As well as the physical improvements, Catriona’s holistic approach also addressed my general sense of wellbeing, and the emotional care and support she gave me over the series of treatments was second to none and gave me a real boost.

Sara (a Mental Health professional)

I recently took my young son to see Catriona, he had a sore shoulder and was unable to play competitive tennis. After three acupuncture treatments with Catriona the pain had pretty much gone. My son is only 11 years old and suffers with mild anxiety as well, so I was unsure as to how the treatments would be and how he would respond, but the whole experience was amazing. Catriona immediately created a relaxing space where he felt safe and open to the treatment. She was gentle in her approach and took the time to explain what she was doing and why. My son completely relaxed and connected with her, whilst enjoying the treatment. Three treatments later the pain had subsided. I would have no hesitation in taking him to see Catriona in the future.


Before I saw Catriona I was getting stabbing pains in my left eye almost constantly throughout the day. These cluster headaches were debilitating and stopping me concentrating. After the treatment series – they went completely. I cannot believe how effective her treatment was. I felt very confident in Catriona’s care as she was very well prepared and very knowledgeable about her area of practice. I felt she had excellent listening skills and was holistic in that she advised me on some techniques to manage stress and make time for myself. I have recommended her to friends and would definitely go back to her in the future.

Nicola (Busy Mum and Senior Health Professional)

Following a sudden shock, and subsequent stressful few months, I became very ill. Allopathic medicine was of no use to me and the usual methods of coping and recovery were not working at all. I was feeling permanently nauseous, dizzy, and unable to sleep, exhausted and had a sudden onset of what appeared to be peri-menopausal sweats. Catriona patiently took the time to understand what was going on in my life – my mind and my body, and came up with a plan to help me. I no longer have insomnia and I no longer get sweats. She calmed my whole system down so it could repair and go back to a happier, healthier status quo. In addition, seeing Catriona every week was like going to see a counsellor. With her support I made life-changing decisions that I wouldn’t have otherwise made.

Catriona is not just “doing a job”. She is incredibly caring and passionate about what she does and goes the extra mile to help you as much as she can. She is a very intuitive acupuncturist as well as a skilled counsellor. She has a calming, sensible and educated point of view. She embodies what acupuncture is supposed to be all about, in its true sense – treating you as a whole – not just sticking a few needles into you and leaving you to it! She backs up her treatments with lifestyle advice – diet, exercise etc. She gives encouragement and kindness – she gives of herself. She is an inspiring acupuncturist. You will not get better treatment anywhere!.


I had been suffering from severe toothache which meant I could only drink through a straw with my head tilted to one side.  I’d never experienced pain like this before.  I have a phobia with dentists, thus hadn’t seen a dentist for 18 years, but reluctantly ended up in his chair due to the intense pain.  The dentist said he couldn’t see anything wrong and sent me away with Sensodyne toothpaste.

Catriona is a friend and offered me a treatment to see if it would help to relieve my pain.  I was sceptical, but Catriona made me feel at ease and after the treatment my pain had lessened and the following day, around 12 hours after my treatment I was completely pain free.  Six months later I’m still pain free and haven’t needed to see a dentist.

For someone who is scared of dentists and very sceptical about alternative therapies, I was really amazed how Catriona’s treatment helped me with my severe toothache.  I recommend Catriona and her treatment to anyone who’s looking for an honest, down to earth, caring acupuncturist .

Tim Bennett