Requesting a Home Visit

Before your Home Visit

  • A Covid-19 Screening will be done prior to me agreeing to a Home Visit, in the form of a Screening and Consent Form, ensuring it is appropriate for me to treat you, and appropriate for me to enter your home. The details of this will be double checked with you on arrival at your home, to ensure nothing has changed in the meantime. This form also includes screening for whether you are currently Clinically Vulnerable or Clinically Extremely Vulnerable.
  • If you are currently considered Clinically Vulnerable of Extremely Clinically Vulnerable then we will need to discuss this as part of this Screening.
  • Screening for suspected and confirmed Covid-19 cases and Clinically Vulnerable individuals will also be extended to all those that cohabit with you. 
  • If you are in the patient group that have currently been advised to Shield, Self -isolate, or Quarantine then you must continue to follow guidance on this until it is appropriate for you to come for treatment.
  • I will e-mail out the Covid-19 Screening and Consent Form for you to complete and send back to me before I book you in. If the answer to any of the questions is ‘Yes’ I will then go through this with you by phone or Skype/ Whatsapp video call to decide how to either proceed, mitigate risk or wait a little while before treatment should start. I am also available at any point to discuss anything in relation to your upcoming session with me, or answer any questions you may have, so do see the contact options tab on my website for different ways to get hold of me.
  • As best as we possibly can I will agree a plan with you to keep areas that I will walk through and where I will conduct diagnosis and treatment free from others for the duration of my visit. This is to support everyone.

During your Home Visit

  • I will wear appropriate PPE at all times.
  • I ask also that you wear a face mask during the needling part of the treatment as we will be in close proximity; however, it will not be essential for you to wear a mask during the consultation, unless we cannot maintain a 2-metre safe distance at your home. If you don’t have a face mask then please know I will have a stock of new masks with me should you need one.
  • If for any reason you cannot keep on the mask then can discuss this. It may be because this is just too uncomfortable for you, or because your breathing is impaired or for another medical reason.  
  • I will always require you to sign a Screening and Consent form prior to the Initial treatment, and will check before each subsequent treatment that nothing has changed in relation to these questions.

After your Home Visit

  • Payment will be done by Bank Transfer after the treatment session.