Attending My Clinic

Prior to your appointment

  • I will be seeing a reduced number of clients at this time at my clinic due to the significant time required between clients to ensure stringent hygiene guidelines are adhered to while deep cleaning and airing the treatment space.
  • For every New Patient, a Covid-19 Screening will be done prior to arrival in the form of a Screening and Consent Form, ensuring it is appropriate for me to treat you. The details of this will be double checked with you on arrival to ensure nothing has changed in the meantime. This form also includes many questions designed to help inform me of your current Risk Level, including if you are currently considered Clinically Vulnerable or Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, or living with someone who is.
  • There will also be information on this Screening and Consent form about the Track and Trace System and what is expected from both of us in relation to this.
  • The form will be e-mailed to you to complete and send back to me before I book you in. If the answer to any of the questions is ‘Yes’ this doesn’t necessarily mean that I cannot treat you. We will chat together first to decide whether to proceed with treatment, how to possibly mitigate risk even further, or wait a little while before treatment should start. We can discuss this in any way that feels comfortable for you, by phone or Skype/ Whatsapp video call, or a one to one socially distanced chat etc.
  • I am also available at any point to discuss anything in relation to your upcoming session with me, or answer any questions you may have, so do see the contact options tab on my website for different ways to get hold of me.
  • I will always require you to sign this Screening and Consent form prior to the Initial treatment, and will check before each subsequent treatment that nothing has changed in relation to these questions.
  • If you are in the patient group that have currently been advised to Shield, Self -isolate, or Quarantine then you must continue to follow guidance on this until it is appropriate for you to come for treatment.

At your appointment

  • Please bring minimum belongings with you for your treatment.
  • On arrival for your appointment, you will be offered a hand sanitiser and there is a sanitised seat where you can sit to remove your shoes and leave your coat on. We will maintain social distance and move straight to the treatment room, with no requirement for you to touch any surfaces.
  • My Treatment Space is such that we can have a very relaxed Consultation while maintaining Social Distance of at least 2 metres.
  • As we move into the needling part of the treatment – I will use appropriate PPE as required and I would ask for this part that you wear a facemask. You can bring your own, or I will have a new one to offer you if you do not have one.
  • Your mask will remain on until you are seated again in the consultation sofa, when we will be maintaining social distance again.
  • If for any reason you cannot keep on this mask then we can discuss this. It may be because this is just too uncomfortable for you, or because your breathing is impaired or for another medical reason.  
  • You will have sole access to a personal toilet and hand washing facilities for your time with me. These facilities are deeply cleaned and sanitised between patients. I (your practitioner) will be using separate facilities.
  • Despite the additional procedures and processes, you will still receive the same relaxing and effective treatments that you are used to.

After your appointment

  • I ask that you take your mask home with you to dispose of after our session.
  • Payment will be done by Bank Transfer after the treatment session.